Singer-songwriter James Coates sings about what he knows: falling down and getting back up. His latest album One Last Ride was crafted painstakingly over five years.


The result is a deeply-personal look into the life of an artist who believes in the power of truth in music. Autobiographical lyrics are complemented by a sonic tapestry of country, folk, Americana and soul.


The instrumentation is lush, with songs dressed in the likes of reverb-soaked pedal steel, stabbing horn sections, gospel choirs and even a chamber orchestra.


But above it all sits the voice of the storyteller. Producers ditched the autotune relied on by so many artists to instead create an artifact of humanistic beauty: one songwriter and his stories, the way he wants them told.


One Last Ride is available now on all streaming platforms.


Photo Credit: Bill Bungard


Photo Credit: Bill Bungard

Photo Credit: Bill Bungard

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